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Bed Bug Defender Package
Price : $29.95
Important Notice : Available in black and white. Please specify colour preference in special instructions box.
Quantity : 12 defenders per package
Qty.:      [12 defenders per package] (box)  

What are these devices and why are they installed under my bed legs?

1. These CLIMBUP insect interceptors are part of the bed bug control program that is ongoing in your home. They monitor for bed bugs.

2. They are designed to intercept bugs leaving the bed.

3. They are also designed to intercept bugs that are coming to the bed for food.

4. Remember that every bug that is intercepted by these devices is one less bug that can feed on a sleeping person.


In order for these devices to work to their optimum potential, what must I do?

1. Do not let any items (i.e. comforters, sheets, clothes, etc.) hang off of the bed and touch the floor at any point during the day or night.

2. Do not allow the bed to contact the wall.

3. Check the devices periodically to evaluate if bugs are present or if the devices are compromised (broken, debris in the wells) in any way.

Directions :

To monitor bed bugs (Cimex lectularius, Cimex hemipterus) in human-occupied structures, use under legs of all furniture where humans or pets sleep. The CLIMBUP™ Bed Bug Defender forms a barrier between the floor and bed.


Place the CLIMBUP™ under all 4 bed legs.

Bed bugs approaching the bed from the room will climb up the exterior surface and fall into the pitfall ring. Bed bugs climbing down from the bed enter the center well.

Bed bugs cannot climb up the slick, talc lubricated surface of the center well or pitfall ring.

Observe and count the bed bugs.


Package of 12 defenders.

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